Bespoke Design and Production


In the last 15 years, the continuous investment in human and technological resources, have not only awarded TECO with a vast experience in the field, but have also produced an industry consolidation, that makes it one of the leading global companies in the construction of clean rooms.
Partnering with TECO Group, means being confident about relying on a Group that is associated to proven professionalism and a solid financial position.
A well designed and technologically advanced clean room is decisive for reaching the highest quality standards in a production company.

TECO employs advanced technologies to ensure that its customers have their production quality always under control.

The Design: TECO is proud to be able to provide a truly bespoke design, production and assembly to its customers.
Employing experienced and specialized personnel, it ensures advanced, tailor made, turnkey systems, that are delivered to the customers quickly and safely.

Research & Development: TECO’s ongoing investments in new technologies, provide excellent solutions to the evolving demands for quality, safety and design.
Some examples:The innovative pedestrian ceiling, which allows servicing without entering the clean room, thus reducing the downtime.
A new system for totally fireproof pharmaceutical walls, certified to comply with the new rules relating to fire prevention.

Production: TECO combines its capability of industrial production with the philosophy of craftsmanship.
This approach can accommodate both the production of standard systems for immediate delivery, and non-standard products, tailored to customer needs.